How Can You Legally Gamble Online?

Before 2006, US residents were allowed to legally gamble online for real money, but that quickly changed. In 2006, all payments made to an offshore gambling site had to be blocked by US banking institutions, and US citizens could no longer access these sites. Now, there are many casinos where US residents can gamble legally without worrying about losing their money. And they have all the security and privacy features of land-based casinos. Still, the legality of gambling online is a topic of much debate.

Some states, like Delaware, have legalized sports betting. These states are among the first to legalize online gambling, and more are likely to follow. The Supreme Court has recently overturned the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which prohibited states from expanding sports betting. However, since then, several states have legalized online sports betting. FanDuel, for example, allows you to place a fantasy bet on sports.

Another option for US players is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an alternative currency, often called cryptocurrency. It was first released in 2009, and has grown in popularity in almost every market since. It was first used for online gambling in the “dark web” and has risen exponentially in value in the past few years. The popularity of Bitcoin has led online casinos to recognize the value of this digital currency. The government is currently investigating whether this form of currency is legal, and if so, what restrictions do it have?

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